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And so I went back for another look on AFA Day 2, to verify their word. Looks like they are telling the truth~ They even helped us take a picture and printed it for us.

Oh such Angels they are~( ^ _ ^)

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I have even found they base, at the top right hand corner of the hall, the Photo booths! They were quite popular, aren’t they? I see pictures stacking up almost into a pile and cosplayers taking turns to assault the booths and the photographer manning it…

Best of all… It’s FREE! So even I got 1 O(≧∇≦)O

Also it looks like the Pixma AIO printers in there are also taking quite a hit but I must say, the quality of the printing is really something, and I got my A4 prints in no more then 5 minutes. Then again I was distracted by the other column when waiting…

Well here are some pictures!

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Website: AFA X | Canon: Delighting You Always

Disclaimer: I have a confession, Canon asked me to go take a look, and help keep a lookout for their products and so I did, in exchange for something nice, a front row access to the Regional Cosplay Competition, and unlimited access to the Cafes~ So it might be bias in some form, but a picture is still a picture right?

PS: I love my 500D, but I don’t mind a 60D or a 7D o(^^o)(o^^)o

So in some form, this post is brought to you by CANON: Delighting You Always! Delight me too!

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