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AFA X Regional Cosplay Competition presented by Canon is over and everyone can agree that we have seen some awesome display of cosplay skills and movement.

All teams this year incorporated action into their skits, and did really well. I am sure, this have really stumbled the Judges, as it took a rather long time to tabulate the score and come out with a winner.

Being a Singapore, my support is most definitely on Team Defense Devil. Still they out performed beyond my expectations with big movements, good acting and some surprises. But still Thailand have to be the best when it comes to their costumes, acting and their story.

Team Thailand deserves the 1st place.

And so the winners of the Regional Cosplay  Competition are,

1st Thailand,

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Drachen, with their very nice Monster hunter cosplay. Below is their award winning act,

2nd video By LYNAnimeShrine

2nd Indonesia,

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Komutoku, and their very sexy armor from GARO

By LYNAnimeShrine

3rd Singapore,

[singlepic id=579 w=500 h=500 float=center]
Defense Devil, with their spirited defenses from The Defense Devil.

By LYNAnimeShrine

Congrats to the winners above! But also take a look at the other 2 teams that did a wonderful job on stage and for presenting a high quality display of Cosplay, Courage, and Charm!

From Malaysia!

[singlepic id=594 w=500 h=500 float=center]
Chris and Zoey, bringing us the story from Fairy Tail

By LYNAnimeShrine

And The Philippines,

[singlepic id=618 w=500 h=500 float=center]
Team Bagina, showing a lot of skin and skills, from Xenosaga.

By LYNAnimeShrine

Not forgetting also,

The Judges.

Kaname☆ and Aira

[singlepic id=672 w=500 h=500 float=center]

Alodia and Clive

[singlepic id=676 w=500 h=500 float=center]

Canon representative, Ms. Carol.

[singlepic id=682 w=500 h=500 float=center]

Canon sponsored, the cameras given as award to the top 3 places at the RCC10. The model is the latest Canon IXUS 1000 HS. It’s good because it can work really well in low light environment like the event hall, somewhere indoor or at night.

View the full gallery below, but mind you, there are 92 pictures below… So take it slowly, don’t choke.

Website: AFA X | Canon: Delighting You Always

I would recommend using pic lens, it’s quite fun!

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Disclaimer: I have a confession, Canon asked me to go take a look, and help keep a lookout for their products and so I did, in exchange for something nice, a front row access to the Regional Cosplay Competition, and unlimited access to the Cafes~ So it might be bias in some form, but a picture is still a picture right?

So in some form, this post is brought to you by CANON: Delighting You Always!

PS: I love my 500D, but I don’t mind a 60D or a 7D o(^^o)(o^^)o Delight me too!

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