Aki Toyosaki, one of the most popular seiyuu this year, has many talents. She’s a voice actress and a pop singer, perhaps best known for schoolgirl rocker anime K-On!

She’s a gamer as well, and trust me, she’s got discerning taste.

“I’m often told that I look like someone who plays Animal Crossing,” Toyosaki told Japanese magazine SPA. In actual fact,cute might not be the word to describe her gaming preferences. She says she likes a different sort of gaming experience.

“I love Grand Theft Auto and fighting games! I’m the type who totally gets into something.” Western games might not be as popular as homegrown titles in The Land of the Rising Sun, but there is definitely a following for titles developed abroad.

I hear a challenge from a Street Fighter IV player. Maybe even Blazblue as well. XDXDXD

Credits: 豊崎愛生さん「グランド・セフト・オートとかの格闘ゲームが大好き!」 [世界一かわいいよ!] [Pic]

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