Studio BONES, animators for the currently airing anime Star Driver, announced on Thursday that it is recruiting two to three contract animators. Successful applicants would start working next spring.

Applicants are required to submit resumes, health certificates, transcripts, proof of graduation, the normal documents required to get a job. The unique part: Applicants are also required to do self-portraits of themselves doing the “Kiraboshi” (“glittering star”), the trademark pose from BONES’ new Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto anime series.

In addition to drawing themselves making the hand gesture, job seekers must also “like drawing action sequences and visual effects.”

The hand gesture is the secret sign between members of a mysterious organization called Kiraboshi Jūjidan (“Order of the Glittering Star Cross”). The anime’s main protagonist Takuto Tsunashi fights against the Kiraboshi Jūjidan with a “Cybody” humanoid robot machine to protect a girl named Wako.

Credits: ANN

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