Got this piece of news today.

Sad to see this year’s edition of Japan Saimoe coming to an end so soon? Well, no worries, for there is another Saimoe coming your way plus you have a chance to ensure your favorite moe character tops the chart! Furthermore, a chance to win fabulous prizes!

This is KKnM’s very own edition of Saimoe that will starts tomorrow and will end on the 6th November, Saturday.

So, what you have to do to support the likes of Mios, Yuis, Tenshis to grab the top spot? Simple, for every S$30 spent in a single receipt at KKnM during the period will entitle you to a vote plus it doubles up as a lucky draw couple as well.

Any restrictions on the character you want to vote? Ermm, it states ANY anime character whose behavior, appearances or actions thats melts your heart!!!

Which may probably lead to something unexpected. . .

Let’s run down a list of possible popular choices by the fans/otakus here.

Hayate no Gotoku's tsundere Nagi. She got voted into the final of Japan's Saimoe 2010 earlier on.

Hinagiku again from Hayate no Gotoku. She will probably get my vote if not for a certain galactic fairy. . .

Another tsundere into the fray, this time its Shana from Shakugan no Shana.

Fate Testarossa from Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha. Foresee her to end up in the top 10, unless...

Takamachi Nanoha. Like Fate, I foresee a strong support for her for this coming KKnM Saimoe.

Tenshi from the recent ended Angel Beats.

Yui!!! From the popular K-On series. I am expecting a strong showing of support from her legion of fans.

Azunyan from K-On, again, not seeing her in the final top 10 means something is wrong or there is a change of taste here. . .

Mio from K-On, again, like her fellow band mates from HTT, foresee a very strong support for her and may possibly end up in the top 3 or even the top of the chart!

I mentioned ANY character right? Hmm, not suggesting anything here, but I may foresee some votes for……

Hideyoshi Kinoshita. Yes, I kid you not, somehow, I am foreseeing some votes . . .

With that, I shall end my post here….

Yes, she will get my vote, the galactic fairy, Sheryl Nome!

Hold on, where are the prizes?!


Ok, let’s get straight to the point.

Top prize: 1 2-day VIP concert pass to this year’s AFA X I Love Anisong concert.
2nd prize(2 of it): 1 VIP concert pass to this year’s AFA X I Love Anisong concert side A (13th November), 1 VIP concert pass to this year’s AFA X I Love Anisong concert side B (14th November)
3 prize: 1 concert ticket to AKB48’s concert on the 12th November.

And here are some T&C’s from KKnM to take note:
– Every $30 spent in a single receipt at KKnM will entitle you to one voting ticket. We do not allow combined receipts.
Includes pre-order deposits paid as well.
– Only applicable to purchases made between 15th October to 6th November 2010.

– Winners will be notified via SMS and names will be posted on this website. Draw will close at 6pm on 6th November
Winners will be drawn on 6th November at 6.30pm.

So, ready to show the support and determine whose the Saimoe this year?

Website: KKnM

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