SCANDAL, proclaiming themselves as “The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock”, has already sang songs for 2 hit anime series in the form of Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and 1 movie, Loups=Garous in their short career so far.

From left, Tomomi, Haruna, Rina, Mami.

This group of highly talented girls are composed of Haruna Ono (Guitar & Vocals), Tomomi Ogawa (Bass & Vocals), Mama Sasazaki (Guitar & Vocals) and Rina Suzuki (Drums & Vocals) and formed in the year 2006. SCANDAL would then spend weekends performing street lives at Shiroten in Osaka Castle Park. As their popularity began to grow steadily, they got offers to perform in clubs around Osaka and Kyoto.

In 2007, during a special event in Shibuya Club Asia, the girls were approached by Kitty Records, asking if they wanted to record music with the company. They signed on with Kitty Records and released 3 exclusives singles, “Space Ranger”, “Koi Muyou”, “Kagerou” to Tower Records in 2008 which all took the top 2 rankings in the Tower’s indie charts for 2008.

Within the same year, SCANDAL toured 6 major US cities and performed at “Sakura-con” which is one of the largest anime conventions in US,  they also performed in France and Hong Kong.

But 2008 continues to be an eventful year with a major debut with EPIC Records Japan. The single “DOLL”  was released, giving the girls more exposure, and appearances on mainstream music televisions shows like MUSIC STATION.

In 2009, SCANDAL’s 3rd single “Shoujo S” was used as Bleach’s tenth OP. It brought up their popularity even higher and when the single was released, it took the #6 spot on the Oricon charts. In October same year, they released their debut album “BEST★SCANDAL” which ranked #5 on the weekly Oricon charts making them the first girl band since ZONE to have a debut album in the top 5 spot.

Concluding 2009, SCANDAL conducted their first one-band live tour which was released in DVD form in June 2010.

This year they have been very active as well, releasing their 5th single “Shunkan Sentimental” which is the 4th ED for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The album stayed on the Oricon charts for 1 week at #7. Following that, they embarked on a live spring tour “Shunkan Sakura Zensen Tour 2010 Spring”.

This July, they released their first ever ballad single “Namida no Regret” and traveled to Hong Kong for their first one-band live concert which was a sold out. Shortly after, SCANDAL released their 2nd album “Temptation Box” in 3 different versions, in 42 countries which also debuted at #3 on the Oricon weekly chart.

The girls are anime fans themselves and they got an animated versions of themselves in the recent movie, “Lopus=Garous” which they sang the theme, insert and ED songs. Recently, SCANDAL just concluded their latest tour, “SCANDAL Temptation Box Tour 2010” ~YEAH! tte lei~.

Here’s some clips of their PVs & Lives in case you haven’t seen or heard them yet.

Shoujo S

Namida no Regret

Shunkan Sentimental

Koshi Tantan

And when it comes to doing covers, they can certainly do it with their touch of pop rock added.

Don’t Say Lazy

Having watched their first live DVD twice and quite a number of their live performances already, SCANDAL is quite a energetic band. The vocal part is usually spread out among Haruna and Tomomi with Mami and Rina chipping in occasionally.

Their instrument play is very good, especially Mami’s when she is not doing most of the vocals, but her guitar play certainly make the songs complete especially on live performances. Rina, despite her gigawatt kawaii smile that will lit up almost any guy’s day, her drumming is superb and somehow manages to keep that smile of hers on while playing the drums. Tomomi adds a unique cutesy vocals and complements the more deeper vocals of Haruna.

All in all, these makes SCANDAL a very very unique band.

Want to catch them live on stage?


Fear not! SCANDAL will be performing at this coming AFA X I Love Anisong segment on the 14th November, Sunday.

Need to get tickets? Grab it soon, as seats are selling!

Websites: SCANDAL | AFA X |Gatecrash

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