AFA X media update yesterday have also announced the representatives of the Regional Cosplay Championships for the respective countries.

The Teams are,

The Defense Devil, Singapore;

Name of performing member 1: Zeph(Left)
Name of performing member 2: Kaika(Right)

Cosplaying series: Defense Devil
Cosplaying characters: Mephisto Barto Dertov Reffertlark Kucabara (Left), and Idamaria(Right)

Team Bagina, the Philippines;

Name of performing member 1: Patrisha Delgado
Name of performing member 2: Nepherteri Ramirez

Cosplaying series: Xenosaga
Cosplaying characters: KOS-MOS(Left) and  T-elos(Right)

Komutoku, Indonesia;


Name of performing member 1: Richfield Adiwidjaya
Name of performing member 2: Purnomo Su Gwan

Cosplaying series: Makai Kishi Garo
Cosplaying characters: Garo(Right) and Zero(Left)

Chris and Zoey, Malaysia;

Name of performing member 1: chris
Name of performing member 2: zoey

Cosplaying series: Fairy Tail
Cosplaying characters: Erza Scarlet( Right) and Ikaruga(Left)

Drachen, Thailand;

Name of performing member 1: Nattawan Pongpanapitak
Name of performing member 2: Supeampot Paweepakapong

Cosplaying series: Monster Hunter
Cosplaying characters: Beriolos Blademaster Armor(Left) and Akantor Blademaster Armor(Right)

And so these six teams will be fighting it out in the championships! I have high hope for the Thailand team after looking at their previous cosplays.

But the winner doesn’t always means he will get the most out of it… Last year Alodia Gosiengfiao didn’t take home the championships but went to become one of the most well known cosplayer in South East Asia after being selected a Ani-Mate by Animax SEA, then just recently, she is even cosplaying digitally, with TinierMe.

Now, She is coming back to Singapore and this time as a celebrity Cosplayer together with Kaname☆ and Aira.

Website: AFA X | | Regional Cosplay Championship 2010

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