Moving on to our 3rd report of this Kadokawa World Tour to be showcased at this coming AFA X in November, this week’s featured title will be very familiar to folks here.

Shakugan no Shana, the popular light novel series by Yashichiro Takahashi which has its own manga volumes, 2 anime series and a OVA released so far. This upcoming Kadokawa World Tour presented by COSPA will showcase goods focusing on the main lead/character of the series, Shana.

First up, is a mobile hanger of Shana with 2 different facial expressions from her. And the inner design is not left out, the pendant which houses Alastor dominates the area with red background. Certainly a great addition to a mobile or keitai.

Next up, will be the t shirts. First design is an illustration of Shana eating her favorite melon bun or melon-pan as often known as. 2 colors will be available, white and grey.

Lastly, this design is full of kawaii from top to bottom. With the wink and the way she holds her sword, certainly kawaii certified!

This series is certainly worth getting, featuring original illustrations of Shana. Nothing beats wearing it out on outing!

That wraps up the 3rd series of the coverage, stay tuned to our site as the dates to AFA X draws near.

Meanwhile, you may want to take a look at the previous 2 announced series.

Summer Wars
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