No, she wants you to see her... That's what Tsudere do...

Last week, we seems to have only unearth only half of what is available at Kadokawa World Tour for the Anime Festival Asia X. Now let me add on to what we can expect from the series.

Part 2 of the Kadokawa World Tour, Haruhi Suzumiyah items.

She did?

Haruhi Ruined my life tee-shirt, lol and it comes in 2 colours. The above is the gray background version. There is a white background version below.

White background

So, if you think what is written above to be true, then by all means get it… Oh there is also a tote bag version of this design, it’s in last week’s update.


Yup she did... A long time ago... The queen now is K-On!'s Azusa thou...

The black background suits the design very well, with the monochrome against the black which is very eyes pleasing and comfortable. Unlike the alternative design below… …


If you are really into attracting attention, then this is the perfect item to buy… Not so much for the design but the Red really stands out. You better be 3 times faster if you are in Spain wearing this…


SOS-Dan, Don't worry it will not infect you computer...

This design have been used in so many fan made tee-shirt around the world… They are finally remaking an official version, this time with the stars. Nice!

But there might not be a white version for this design, unlike it’s predecessor…

Suzumiyah Haruhi will also be making her first award wining theatrical film premier in South East Asia at the AFA X, so maybe you want to show your support but buying some of these t-shirts, like the one mentioning that she ruined your life… lol.

So with this ends Haruhi’s outing for Kadokawa World Tour… And sadly, this might also be the last entry for Kadokawa World Tour… I hope it’s not but… Hey, we still have not cover the Evangenlion Shop, you know? Do continue to follow us on our trip to uncover the exclusive items in our exclusive previews.

The rest of Kadokawa World  Tour Entries,

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