Together with Danny Choo will bringing quite a show to Singapore. That above is a lot of BRS merchandise to be seen and bought… In a seperated post by Danny Choo, he also hint this, I quote,

Good Smile Company will be back too with a bigger booth and I hear a girl in orange high school uniform may be up for pre-order at the same time.

end quote. Aren’t you excited already?!


The vocaloid creative team from Japan will be coming from Japan to promote the sound of Vocaloid. And also to sell their CDs for the first time in Singapore.

You can listen to their works on Nico Nico Douga.

not for sale.

They are a popular fortune telling group in Japan, a new concept that is currently Japan’s hottest fad.

not for sale, the group consisting of 7 gentlemen with 4 fortune tellers, 1 MC, 1 DJ and  1 VJ, making fortune tell a funky and fun experience. Do you wanna try it out?

They will be coming to Singapore this AFA X, if you missed it, you can only find them at their salon in Shibuya. Don’t be mistaken, this is not XXXholic thou…

Visit them on their website,

Lastly and not the least,


The above is the exclusive I LOVE ANISONG Tee-Shirt and the design for the Iphone(3gs and 4g) case. They are exclusive to this AFA X only, and you will not find it anywhere else!

But what about the one below, my dear scandal fans…

YES! Scandal event exclusive goods! The Tee-shirt and a Iphone(3gs and 4g) case, and don’t they look just amazing?

This concludes the Akibatown media update, as a popular anime like to say, gotta catch them all!

Website: AFA X

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