The 15th Animation Kobe Awards have awarded the following series, individuals and film for their excellencies in animation, directorship and music. It’s created and awarded by the Kobe city, to promote Animation in Japan!

They are judged by a panel of experts, including the editors of Animage, Newtype, Animedia and many more industry experts. Animation Kode is also considered one of the more prestigious award among the many in Japan comparable to the Tokyo Animation Awards.

And the winners for the respective awards are,

Individual Award

Director Mamoru Hoseda, Summer Wars

He is the director of the movie Summer Wars which won the Featured Film Awards in the Tokyo Anime Awards, and is widely considered as the next Hayao Miyazaki.

Special Awards

This award is given to the people who have contributed to the achievement of Animation in Japan, and previous winners includes Kunio Okawara, the main cast of Doraemon and more.

Studio Bihou won the award, for their background 2D and 3D CGs, for the many animes that they are involved with. Some of them includes, EVANGELION 2.0: You Can(Not) Advance, Hayako!, Spice And Wolf, Today in Class 5-2, Heroic Age, Valkyrie chronicles.

Without a doubt they deserved it!

Theatrical Film Award

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiyah

Without a doubt this have to be the best animated movie of the year!


And best of all, the movie will be heading to our shore for an exclusive screening at the AFA X. I’m so excited! One regret thou… I ruined my first view, watching the Cam version of the movie… …


Television Award

One word, K-On!!

Nothing more, nothing less… … K-On!!

Network Award

Miku no Nichi Kanshasai 39’s Giving Day Event(Miku’s 2 year old, Thank You Festival) . Or officially Hatsune Miku’s 1st SOLO “LIVE” concert, this event attracted a huge turnout.

Theme Song Award


Only My Railgun – flipSide

Theme song for the Anime, A Certain Scientific Railgun. It’s also the first song by flipSide after seiyu Yoshino Nanjo replaces Nao as the key vocals.

Yes!! The song “Only my Railgun” is not only catchy, it is also the favorite for many DJs and music lovers! It’s a runaway success!

There will be an award ceremony on the 28th of November to honor the deserving.

Source: ANN | Reference from Wikipedia

Website: Animation Kobe Site

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