I’m going to be running out of things to call the Loot post soon… …. … Oh no…

Either way, this is a fruitful month, and a very tiring month for my wallet.I have overspend by quite a lot, last month and have to postpone my lens purchase… darn it…

But all is good. Since I have these!

I think there's more... not in the picture...

First-up, in the Gundam Fiesta post, I mentioned that I got myself a Bonta-kun and on the same day itself, I went down to KKnM to pickup the Black Rock Shooter nenodroid.

Total damage for that day… … I think I spent about SG$100 on that day alone for Bandai’s Robot Damashii Bonta-kun and GSC’s Black Rock Shooter Nenodroid.

But they are so much fun!!! Especially since both of them have a few weapon and they look so cute together!

Which bring us to some equally beautiful and interesting things, I got these from the ACME II last month.

The dojins, comics and calendar!


This is a compilation titled, A hundred Clouds of Dream, by Collateral Damage Studios, contains the art of the artist in and partners of CDS. It’s extremely juicy and good looking… It is also the title that has left Singapore’s shore and traveled from down-under(New Zealand) to the Chinese  city of Shanghai.

More to see in the album below, so let’s move on. Still it’s yummy…

Next, is something in the envelope… Titled Steam Snatchers, a self printed comics by the artists, Crazy Kitty and Antz. It might not look like much when you first look at it, and the whole produce is in black and white… But the story is indeed interesting but a bit too short. Perhaps this is only the preview version of the work, since it’s also quite cheap… at $2.

Now for the calender by Iceberry, the artist that I found out about at cosfest in June. Her work is just stunning and see it for the whole year will be a great addition to my happiness!

The SCARLET EASTERN DREAM is full of beautiful pictures and It’s just great, even better at the price of just $5!!

The full set of coasters and the wooden pluck! This is a set of event exclusive item! And can only be found on the day itself! It features Miru, the mascot for the A.C.M.E II. Very nice.

Yup these are what I got from chara-fest… … Did you know the Sensei’s amulet is suppose to get me a girlfriend or atleast a new love… I hope it will work… If it does, I’ll have less time to be here, lol.

And yes I love Misaka.

I will do my individual review for the Singapore(R3) version of the Evangelion 2.22 DVD, by Innoform media later on in the month, but it does come to with 6.1 audio, and no dubs. I haven’t open the Avatar DVD but, it shouldn’t be too bad.

There is also a Shimokawa Mikuni CD Album, Replay, which I got after listening to her awesome concert in Singapore, last month! And then there’s the ACE Combat copy cat… HAWX 2… it’s slightly better but the computer are getting a bit on my nerves…

Lastly, an item I just got today… Tamron AF 18-270mm f3.5-6.3 Di II VC lens today! It’s just wonderful! But it’s also kinda expensive… I feel my bank account cracked, when I am doing my payment… … ouch.

And so there are the Key items I have bought with my pay and savings… Ouch… total damage… 1300+ SGD… TT_TT

I might be beyond cure… oh no…

Robot Damashii Bontakun
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