I know I’m a little late about this topic, I’m sort of in denial over the the “Jailbreak” of the Playstation 3 software… What brought me back down to earth finally, is the the series of videos that demonstrates how a normal person can jailbreak the PS3 with a Texas Instrument Calculator.

Yes a calculator… … …


Via the use of the software known as PS3Jailbreak, PS3Groove, and etc… It allows owner of the Jailbreaked PS3 to backup their games onto the hard-disk and run the game without the need for the Blu-ray disc.

It’s existence was unceremoniously announced by an Australian retailer some 2 weeks back, with many doubtful eyes looking at it. After all, a famous hacker have just surrendered to the PS3, claiming it to be “Un-Jailbreakable”, looking back at it, it might even be a ruse… haiz…

However all the fun did not last long as the courts of Australia have banned the sales of the device and SONY have released a minor firmware update to patch the  security concern, just yesterday afternoon. But creator of the jailbreak, claims that a update of their own will go around the firmware and thus the Cat and Mouse game shall begin!

I look forward to seeing what the outcome will be, but there are rumors that the latest version of the PS3Jailbreak will allow the PS3 to play Playstation 2 games, that is something that I will want… … or maybe that will force SONY to release their own. O(≧∇≦)O

Source: Kotaku: Calculator Jailbreak | Kotaku: PS3 Firmware Update | Playstation Blog

Website: PS Groove: PS3Jailbreak | SONY

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