Picture by Akiba Research Institute

On the 28th of August, a few shops in Akihabara together with Banpresto held the Magical Lyrical Nanoha – The First Movie – Kuji premium. It’s like lottery with the participating members buying tickets to a sure win lucky draw, to win premium goods from the maker.

It’s noticed that there are more than 100 people queuing for the draw, way before the shops are open or before the draw have started. No wonder, when some of the goods are just so premiumly delicious…

Picture by Akiba Research Institute

Like the below…

A Prize: High quality Nanoha Figurine by KANA, Picture by Akiba Research Institute

B Prize: High Quality Fate Figurine By KANA, Picture by Akiba Research Institute

And these are only the top prizes. Each set of the Kuji contains 80 items, and the others are also items quite desirable…

You can look at the prize over at the source, over at Akiba Research Institute, but it’s in Japanese.

Source: Akiba Research Institute(Japanese)

I’m sure you want some of those goodies, but you are not in Japan…

However rejoice! At least for dear Singaporeans, KKnM have brought in the Kuji, and the draw is this Saturday at 1:30pm and 3pm… Unfortunately there’s only 2 sets..

Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha Movie 1st Ichiban Kuji starts this Sat!
There will be 2 sessions in all. 1st session at 1.30pm, 2nd session at 3pm.
Limited to 3 tickets per person (per turn). Tickets are $18.00 per try.

May the luck be with you! Have fun! You can find out more on KKnM’s facebook

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