Today saw the release of 2 new Blu-ray titles from Japan. And they matter, because both of them comes with English subs which induced that they either is encouraging the Japanese citizens to learn English or it’s made kinda with us, the international crowd, in mind…


Laputa, The Castle In The Sky


This classic from the Ghibli studio, is one of Miyazaki’s most powerful piece of work, aimed at promoting peace and environment protection. Till today, the movie is loved by many new anime fans and that is an accomplishment since it premiered in 1986.

The story is about the boy Pazu, who 1 day literally caught a flying girl in the arms, starting out his advantage to the Castle in the Sky.

Pony Canyon will be producing the blu-ray aimed at being the Fan’s collector edition, coming with English, French, Chinese, German and Mandarin languages tracks and Subtitles.

It will also be coming with a picture disc, Story boards and the script in the above stated languages for you to dub your own versions!

But the collection will not be coming cheaply, at a price of 6800Yen(7140Yen with tax) on CDJapan.


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: The MOVIE 1st


Yes! The Blu-ray and DVD comes with English Subtitles. Need I say more?

Well it comes also with an audience track, what does it do?

It will provide something like the audience commentaries, like the wooh and the Ahhh during the whole show. Giving you a theatre like experience.

The limited edition will even be coming with a 52 page thick booklet. How much isit?

Well if you think the price of Laputa is expensive, look at the this!

It’s 8381 yen(8800 after tax) on CDJapan, for the Blu-ray version. And 7429yen (7800yen Tax incl.), for the DVD, on CDJapan

Source: CDJapan | Temple Knight

Website: Ghibli Studio | Kings Record | Nanoha Movie Official Site

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