Erm… My translator used the word eradicated, so I used the word too…

In actual fact, the October edition of the monthly Magazine, Manga Time Kirara (まんがタイムきらら) was completely sold out around Japan… Within just 11 days. And why is that so?

That is because in this issue of the magazine was the final chapter of the popular manga, K-On! And Otaku are buying more of the same copies then usual.

In fact the

The case is worse in Akihabara, the capital of anime. Within just 3 days, shops around that areas is already putting up the sold out sign, starting from the popular book stores like Animate and K-books.

Manga-Zin seems to be the last place to still have stock, as of  evening on the 11th of September… … It might not even be there anymore…

This final issue features the final chapter of the Manga K-On! which means the graduation of  Mio, Ritsu, Yui and Tsumugi. Leaving the junior, Azusa alone in the K-On club…

It has also been leaked that, she cried and asked Yui senpai not to leave… Some called it a tragedy… How sad…

Source: Akibablog
Website: Manga Time Kirara (まんがタイムきらら)

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