Ah remember the songs of K-On!!?

As per planned, but the recording of the Cassette Tape in the 2nd last episode, the Insert song album is announced! Alas, I fail you… because the Limited Edition‘s pre-order is SOLD OUT on CD Japan… The deluxe packaging… Nooooo!

However be happy that the regular edition is still around and it contains the same Cassette mix edition of the songs, in additional to the studio recorded version. Looks like I’ll have to settle for that then…

Here are the Set-list, courtesy of CDJapan

1. [Disc1] Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai (Studio Mix)
2. [Disc1] Pure Pure Heart (Studio Mix)
3. [Disc1] Honey sweet tea time (Studio Mix)
4. [Disc1] Gohan wa Okazu (Studio Mix)
5. [Disc1] Samidare 20 Love (Studio Mix)
6. [Disc1] U&I (Studio Mix)
7. [Disc1] Tokimeki Sugar (Studio Mix)
8. [Disc1] Fuyu no Hi (Studio Mix)
9. [Disc1] Tenshi ni Furetayo! (Studio Mix)
10. [Disc1] Hokago Tea Time (Studio Mix)
11. [Disc2] Fuwafuwa Jikan (Cassette Mix)
12. [Disc2] Curry Nochi Rice (Cassette Mix)
13. [Disc2] Watashi no Koi wa Hotchkiss (Cassette Mix)
14. [Disc2] Fude Pen -Ballpoint Pen- (Cassette Mix)
15. [Disc2] Pure Pure Heart (Cassette Mix)
16. [Disc2] Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai (Cassette Mix)
17. [Disc2] Honey sweet tea time (Cassette Mix)
18. [Disc2] Tokimeki Sugar (Cassette Mix)
19. [Disc2] Fuyu no Hi (Cassette Mix)
20. [Disc2] Samidare 20 Love (Cassette Mix)
21. [Disc2] Gohan wa Okazu (Cassette Mix)
22. [Disc2] U&I (Cassette Mix)

K-On!! Insert Song Collection, Limited Edition
Price: 3800 yen

K-On!! Insert Song Collection, Regular Edition
Price: 3300 Yen

Source: CDJapan

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