In less than a day, the season Fall will be onto us, with a whole onslaught of new animes to be aired. I have already gone thru a list of more than 10 animes, the blockbusters, the silent hit and etc.

Now let’s round up the list with this 3rd part of the preview.

Kuraga Hime – Brain Base

Picture via The Cart Driver

It’s an adaptation of an award winning Jose-manga(Matured Shojo). And it’s airing in the noitaminA time slot, which are have been a staple for hits like Eden of the East, Moyashimon, Honey and Clover, Antique Bakery and etc…

The story is  about a Jellyfish otaku, whom moved into Tokyo and lived in a Fujoshi Building forbidden to man. 1 day, she invited a stylish lady to stay a night only to… … …

Interesting? Who knows, lets take a look!

Bakuman – JC Staff

2 highschool guys, a writer and a illustrator, they work together to gain fame, fortune, and the, Dream girl of his live?


Takagi, the genius writer together with Morita join forces to become the greatest mangaka ever! But while Takagi want to become the best mangaka, Morita only wants to use his talent to win over and one day marry his dream girl, Azuki Miho.

This is going to be good, since it’s an adaptation by JC Staff of a good story.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Diomedea


It’s an Invasion!

The girl from the ocean is coming to get us! In this action-comedy, the invaders are coming to punish us human for polluting the ocean and destroying the environment.

Cute, but I hope it’s not like Keroro Gunso.

Yosuga No Sora – Feel

It’s an eroge… A very good one in fact, by Sphere in 2008.


And now, it’s adapted into an anime. Featuring the story of Sora and Haruka, whom moved to the rural area, after their parents died in a tragic automobile accident. There is not much I can say about this and it’s the first time I have heard of “Feel” as a studio.

But still this is most likely worthy of a 1st episode I guess.

Of Course there are many more titles, like the new pokemon season, the 2nd season of arakawa and etc… But I’ll have to stop here… … In fact why not you take a look at the chart by the ChartFaqs.

Here are a few of the trailers I have found on Youtube,






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