The novel Spice & Wolf by Isuna Hasekura, set in the world mixed between trading, religion and a merchant’s good sense, will be releasing 2 new very desirable items to assault our wallets at this coming Anime Festival Asia X(AFA X). They are part of the Kadokawa World Tour, presented by COSPA.

And of course, the main character being featured in the the merchandises have to be Horo, or Holo or the wise wolf spirit, whichever you want to call her.

Look at the first item, you can now bring her along with you, having her protect your belonging as a strap. I’m sure her power will bless your belongings, while turning the heads of many, who are attracted by it’s beauty.

Front, Back, Inside

Next up, is something to bring you closer to the wise spirit. Well, there’s nothing better then to wear her in a series of 2 colours!

My opinion about this is… If you dare to wear this, your chances of getting mopped is increased… even if you didn’t bring the wallet, well the night this days are so warm… Perhaps losing a shirt or 2 is ok… …

But if you find this too bright, there is the black version tone it down, a bit.

Face it lar, bro. If you wear this shirt out, you are still going to be mugged, It’s just too nice! As per before, there is no price for the items yet

Anyway, this is only the 2nd series to be revealed at our site, as we move closer to the Anime Festival of theyear! You might also want to check out the other series that we have already announced.

Website: COSPA SEA | AFA X: EXCLUSIVES | FIF Intel(lol)

Hope you like it!

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