Ever since AFA 2008, the concert segment has always been one of the main highlight of the Anime Festival Asia, the region’s biggest and widely anticipated event showcasing the Japanese popular culture. In 2009, it was given the name ‘I Love Anisong’ and with a much bigger scale in terms of cast and capacity.

This year is no exception and in fact, it gets even bigger with a total of 5 artists ready to entertain fans with a total 6 hours worth of anisongs!

And for the very first time ever, 3 artists will make their debut here in the Southeast Asia region. Without further a due, let me introduce to you readers the artists!

JAM Project



Yup, and they will be accompanied by May’n and Ichirou Mizuki aka Aniki who has been present at the concerts since the very first AFA back in 2008!


Ichirou Mizuki

And their performance dates has been set!

JAM Project and Aniki will be gracing the stage on the 13th November and the following day will be nearly all ladies night with May’n, SCANDAL and finally, angela.

The ticketing pricing has been announced as well, with a number of choices catering to each fan’s needs.

The 2 day concert pass will cost S$198 and it will includes the AFA Festival + Stage Access tickets, 2 lights sticks for the concerts, finally premium numbered seating for the I Love Anisong concert for both days.

There is the 1 day concert pass as well, either for the 13th or 14th November. Inclusive of the AFA Festival + Stage Access ticket for the date chosen, 1 light stick and finally premium numbered seating for the concert.

Lastly, there is the S$55 standing ticket for either of these 2 dates.

The sales of the tickets will be announced at a later date, so stay tuned.

Overall thoughts, well, I will be lying if I am cool as the announcements were made live yesterday.

Oh my goodness me! ! ! May’n部長 coming back for the third year running! ! ! AHHH! ! ! In the space of 3 years, this will be the 4th time I will be seeing 部長 performing again in person! How wonderful! ! !

Aniki is back as well! His presence on the stage gives out a special aura and along with fellow fans for the past 2 AFA concerts, we felt hyped up as he lit up the atmosphere at the concert!

Marzinger Z!!!

And along with Aniki, the band that he founded 10 years ago, JAM Project!!! Finally, they will set to rock Singapore for the first time ever! Be sure to see them getting the whole crowd to chant “Motto Motto”!

This is a surprise really, angela who sang for Soukyuu no Fafner, Shikabane Hime and recently Seitokai Yakuindomo will be making their debut in this region at “I Love Anisong” concert this AFA X! Personally excited and can’t wait to hear them performing ‘Shangri-La’!!!

Lastly, OMG, this is EPIC!!! SCANDAL will be making their first ever appearance at AFA! ! ! These 4 girls from Osaka are not only kawaii, but talented as well on the instruments to come along with the vocals! A live band at “I Love Anisong” concert, plus kawaii girls to boot! This is so gonna awesome!!!

Summary, the first day promises to be a night full of GAR with Aniki & JAM Project set to perform! Be sure the temperature will rise and I dare say the roof may even come off! And for the second day, it is the night of rocking divas, save for angela’s Katsu oni-sama. Anyway, May’n along with SCANDAL and angela will sure to get the fans and audiences alike captivated with their beautiful vocals!

Ok, enough of fanboyism. I shall conclude my cover for the AFA X’s “I Love Anisong” segment. Do check up here as I will give readers an in depth post on each individual artists later.

Credits: AFA X

angela: © Copyright King Record.Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

JAM Project: Copyright © JAM Project, Lantis

Ichirou Mizuki: © Ichirou Mizuki / yellow bird

May’n: May’n


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