New to this year’s AFA is the COOL Japan experience. The experience will have the COOL JAPAN Forum which replaces the Asia Animation Conference held last year as the business and networking platform of  the AFA X, and the COOL JAPAN exhibition zone, which promises to show case the coolest innovation, technology and culture of Japan at AFA X.

To promote the 4 main sections of COOL JAPAN

J-Animation | J-Content | J-Music |J-Fashion

But why the addition?

Mr Akira Sakai, deputy chairman of AFA X and Dentsu Asia’s Chief Market Officer explains,

METI – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan set up a project team called COOL JAPAN. The Japanese government emphasizes the importance of content and technology enhancement in cultivation overseas markets, especially Asia. The Cool Japan forum will serve as an opportunity for Singapore and regional business leaders to gain valuable insights in the business models of successful Japanese content platforms. Attendees of the forum can also network to explore possible cross country collaborations, content models and services, tapping into the high potential South East Asian consumer markets to COOL JAPAN to COOL Asia.

And so he said to bring COOL JAPAN to Cool Asia, to make this happen the COOL JAPAN Experience is divided into 3 sections, 2 of them will be during the AFA X period followed by an exhibition at the Japan’s Creative Centre, later on in the year.

Let take a look at them.


After a successful AAC ’09, which saw the attendances of highly regarded industry figures like Director Mamoru Hoseda, CEO Flying Dog Studio, Mr. Shiro Sasaki, CEO Kadokawa Group Holdings, Mr Tsugohiko Kadokawa, just to name a few. The organizers have expanded the conference to become the COOL JAPAN Forum.

In accordance with the four Js’, the organizers this year have also invited highly regarded industry and renowned characters as speakers for the Forum. The first few to be confirmed during at the press conference are,

Mr. Fumitara Ohama,

CEO of branding group inc and president of the Tokyo Girls Collection.

He founded the Branding Group Inc in 2000, and setup the Mobile fashion site, which have since attracted over 7 million readers in Japan. Then in 2002 he setup the Kobe Collection with help from Manichi Broadcasting Station, and then Tokyo Girls Collection(TGC) in 2005.

TGC in turn became the 2nd most popular content in Japan after Sumo wrestling. And it was awarded the Nikkei Newspaper Award, Japan Online Shopping Award, Sen-Ken-Award and the High Service Top 300.

It is no wonder, he will be a great person to listen to when it comes to J-Fashion!

Website: Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 website |

Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama,

Senior VP, Dentsu Inc and Head of Dentsu’s Solution and Creative Division.

He is an internationally renowned creator, with a large number of major creative campaigns, including those for Shogakukan (publisher), Seven-Eleven, Suntory, Toyota, and Sony, among many others. He is also the co-author of the book “The Dentsu Way: Secrets Of Crossswitch Marketing From The World’s Most Innovative Advertising Agency” to be published in 2011.

Also under him, is Dentsu’s Solution and Creative Division, which oversees all of Dentsu’s strategic and creative areas, relating to communication design. Examples like promotions, marketing, internet and CRM.

His unique strength and ability is backed by his extensive experience and expertise with the traditional as well as the modern/interactive creatives and media works.

Website: Bloomberg business Executive’s Biography

Mr. Go Nakanishi,

Acclaimed anime producer and chief producer of Star Child Records.

He was the assistant producer of the anime titles, “Digi Charat”, “Love Hina” and “Sister princess” before moving on to producing popular titles like “Uchuu no Stellvia”, “Soukyuu no Fafner”, “Inukami”, “Negima?!”, “Kyou no go no ni(Today in class 5-2)” and many others.

He is also the producer for the musical unit of angela since 2003 when they were signed to Star Child Records.

Currently Mr. Nakanishi is also working on projects like “Seitokai Yakuindomo”, the latest release of “Madrock Scramble” and “Soukyuu no Fafner – Heaven and Earth”.

Website: Star Child Records

And as for the special host for the forum, we have the adviser to the COOL JAPAN team.

Danny Choo,

Creator of, Blogger, TV-host and Director of Mirai Inc.

Originally from Britain, he moved to Japan after discovering the wonder of the SEGA game console and later the culture of Japan. Without me saying, Danny Choo, the well know blogger, who went on to become a TV host, producer and something like a hero for the many outside of Japan.

Considered an expert in the subjects Otaku-ism and Consumer Generated Media, he had been invited to speak in many of the conferences world wide.

He is also the director of Mirai Inc, an Internet Strategy firm in Tokyo, with the MIRAI GAIA web platform being their main product. In additional to his day job, Danny Choo is also the host of the TV show Culture:Japan, an adviser to the Cool Japan Team.

His latest TV host job is KIRA KIRA Japan, a Japanese Tourism Project and Culture:Japan episode 2, scheduled for end of the year.

Website: | About Danny Choo

COOL JAPAN Exhibition

More information will be revealed soon… But they had promised us a wonderful exhibition containing the best of the Japanese Innovation.  A sample of the innovation is iButterfly, an iPhone, iPad application, which was show cased at the press conference.

Japan Green Innovation Exhibition

Part 3 of the COOL JAPAN project would be the Japan Green Innovation Exhibition, from the 20th November 2010 at the Japan Creative Centre with a series of exhibitions.


For the Anime Festival Asia part of the project, to attend the Forum on 12th of November and the exhibition on the 13th and 14th of November. The price of the ticket is priced at SG$238, which would include a high profile networking party and the exhibition pass for the both days.

With that, I leave you to consider attending the extremely tempting forum.

Website/Source: COOL JAPAN! | Japan Creative Centre | AFA X

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