Indefinitely is the word and Utada Hikaru will start her break from her Musical Career next year, 2011. But before going of, she will be release her “Best of” album, which will include song from last 6 years.

It’s unknown how many day, month, or years the break will last. Explaining to world on her web diary that, since starting her career at the age of 15, a part of her have stopped growing and she wants to take the break to grow a little before returning to the industry. And the period of how long this break might take is unknown.

Utada Hikaru, started her career at the age of 15 in the year 1999. And have since released 27 singles, 8 albums, 6 digital Singles and 1 compilation album. She had also put her name in history with the record sales of 8 million copies, from her debut album, First Love, in 1999.

Her last album is titled This Is the One, and perhaps that is a sign to us that she needs a break.

I myself, is a fan of Hikaru Utada since a long time ago and have loved her music a lot. This is sad news for me, since I have already lost an idol in a “break” also before. I’m sure, Utada will come back soon, after she had seen the world and grow up.

I will miss her, and I hope she will come back soon.

For now, to Utada, have a good rest time, and bring us good music after a well deserved rest.
Source: ANN

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