As mentioned in my previous cdjapan arrival post, I have a new shipment coming in this week. Unfortunately, due to a little hiccup, my package came 2 days after the actual release date. Well, better late than never.

This time round, the main items will be Scandal’s 2nd album titled 『TEMPTATION BOX』. This release comes in 3 different versions, 1 regular, 1 CD+DVD and 1 CD+Photobook. And from my shopping experience, I say grab both the DVD and photobook versions first. The following photos will explain why I went for those 2 versions despite the fact that both will contain the exact same songs.

Big box, guess the weight? A whooping 3.3kg.

Fully packed.

A 'Scandalicious' order. . .

The CD+DVD is on the left and obviously on the right is the photobook version.

Close look on the cover. Lovely isn't it? :3

The photobook version features an alternate cover.

The photobook is a book of its own.= on the left.

The photobook cover.


My favorite photo among the many beautiful takes found in the book.

Not to forget B.L.T Voice Girls volume 3. Again, no prizes for guessing why this book came along with the order. . .

Answer is here! May'n部長! <3

This album is a original album, featuring new songs in addition to those that were released in singles earlier in the year. Particularly, “放課後1H” has a very cheerful tune to it, and eager to hear Mami singing? Here’s a chance, she did most of the vocals for “少女M”. “GIRLism” is a interesting song, with this part keep on looping in my head, ‘YES is NO! No is YES’ NO is YES is NO!’

And haven’t decide whether to buy? I say grab it while stocks last especially for the CD+DVD and the CD+Photobook version.

There is some stocks available at cdjapan, you can order it now.


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