ACME II is coming this Saturday and if you think you can just waltz into the event hall and buy everything that you wanted like that plushy or that merchandise of a certain anime than you will be sorely disappointed, since the more popular items will be gone. Snapped up by the people who are well prepared.
The rest will be left with the left-over to be contented with.
So here at, we have prepared a list of things to take note of. It’s for a more present experience at ACME II


The first thing you should get ready should be your shopping list. It’s a tradition of Charafest to release a list of merchandise on sale, a few days before the actual event.

Information taken from ACME Website:

The long awaited announcement from Chara Fest!

The list of merchandises will be uploaded latests by this Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010.

KKnM will be doing the same this year, so it’s your job to make a list of what you want to buy, in advance, instead of standing at the booth pondering.It’s a possibility that they might just serve the ones behind you first, who came more prepared. Even if the crew don’t mind, the one’s behind will!

Of course, it’s also your job to bring enough cash for the items you want to buy. Cash is preferred, since it’s unknown if they will be accepting Nets or Credit cards.

Preparing for the Queue

Well, I’m not an expert when it comes to queuing, in fact I hate it! But for this article, I have made a visit to the pros, nope, not the StarCraft II guy… but better.
These pros have been to Japan and have participated in one of the longest and hashest queues of Japan. They are also veterans, when it comes to queuing for the Chara-fest.
Their advise is a no-brainer but it’s still practical, simple and easily overlooked.

  • Water Bottle
  • Some Snacks
  • Things to do, a book, a pack of cards or your PSP
  • Something to Sit on, like a mat or a stool(if you don’t like the floor) but make sure it’s easy to be kept.
  • Some Knowledge of the area(Toilets, Mini-marts and etc)
  • Your Phone
  • A Sleeping bag!
  • A Friend
  • And lastly, Your common Sense, which includes that spirit of the SINGA Lion!

Where is the location?

It’s address is 155 Middle Road, Sculpture Square, Singapore 188977‎. Still don’t get it? Nevermind, just goto google map for a look.

The Location

A reproduction of the Layout based on Spy photos and FIF Intel

ACME II is held at the sculpture Square for the first time. It’s just next to the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and is a Heritage building as it used to be a Church built in the 19th Century. It’s now converted to becoming a Art’s Venue used by Artist as a location for exhibition or festival like events.

Where and when to queue from

If you want to queue overnight, you can look for the Queue master only after 20:30 hours at the Sculpture Square. Before that, there might be an exhibition going on… And remember, follow the instructions of the Queue master.

Instruction taken from ACME website.

Queue for A.C.M.E II
As announced earlier, there will not be member’s priority queue this year.

All who are queuing overnight, please look for the queue master at the venue on 27th Aug, Friday, after 8.30pm. Please note that you are doing this at your own risk, please ensure you have enough to eat and drink. Please behave in an orderly manner or you will be asked to leave.

When you are Queuing

You are at the event grounds and have join the queue, so what are you going to do now? The pros who taught me about queuing gave me advise like talking to the people queuing with you and make some friends.
After all, you are all interested in the same things yah?

Of course, you are expected to behave properly when queuing and not litter the area.

At the Event

Finally! ACME II started! During the event everyone is invited to look at the booths and buy whatever you liked and generally enjoy the event.
But a few things should be noted

  • ACMEII is not a Cosplay event. A lot of people will be around the small area and thus Cosplay is really not advised.
  • NO Shop Lifting, Anyone caught will be punished according… Police report…. …
  • Please do not litter! Keep the area clean and we can all have fun.
  • DO NOT do anything Disruptive or Destructive or Disturbing…

And Lastly from the writers of the, we wish you a fruitful and enjoyable ACME II!

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