It’s have been sometime since Sega’s Yakuza 3 is release both in the Native Japanese and the US’s English. And haven’t you wondered how true is the game to the source it’s based on?

Well now you can.

In a web article written by Jake Adelstien, author of the book Tokyo Vice, and Lisa Katayama, they went to a Yakuza’s office with a PS3 and the game Yakuza 3. In order to get 3 senior ranking Yakuza’s to review the game, Isit truthful or just some fairy tale…

And you will be quite surprised by the result.

Go read the article and find out yourself.

Article: Yakuza 3 Reviewed by Yakuzas
Scroll down for the summary judgment…

Yes, It’s very truth to life. Even the power-up food seems to be agreeable with the 3 Yakuzas as the good choice of energy replenishment. Still go read the whole article, it’s very interesting.
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