Bisco Hatori’s Ouran High School Host Club is set to end on the September 24th, with the release of the next issue of the LaLa magazine. It’s not too big a surprise as the end have already been foretold months before with a message from the magazine that the manga is entering it’s final arc.

The final chapter of the Ouran High School Host Club will be a 52 page long one, making a outstanding end to the 7 year old series. OHSHC gain popularity with it’s female fans and then got made into a CD drama followed by the Anime in 2006, which in turn became one of the best selling manga around the world, constantly rank amoung the top in both the Japanese and the New York manga charts.

LaLa magazine have even held an event to commemorate the end of the series, releasing also a CD containing the most popular quotes from the drama CD series.

It’s also one of my favorite series, and it will be sad that it has to end… But as with always… Good things will never last forever… The latest compiled volume is now volume 16, released in April and with volume 17 set for a September 3rd release.

Singapore’s Chuang Yi Publishing have already released the 16th volume in English and Chinese, for the South East Asian and Australian market. So please support the manga by buying the manga!

Source: Comic Natalie Via Anime New Network


LOL… Couldn’t resist…

Did you know, Haruhi to me was like a daughter… Reading her love problems and not be able to help is so heart breaking to me, especially the part when she starts to realise her love for Tamaki… Oh the tension…

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