I would like to wish Singapore a Happy 45th Birthday. So here goes,


Next I would like to Dedicate this song from Corrinne May, Sing a song for Singapore


This song is just so beautiful and meaningful, especially if you are an Anime Fan… In the past that I remembered, I am only able to watch an anime on the national TV and the Cable Vision don’t really come along until I’m like 7 years old and I don’t watch cable TV until I’m 21…

Animax only arrive on our shore in the year 2004, and it’s so wonderful how far we have moved on from there. Being the few countries to first get same week telecast, the first in the world to watch the new EVA movies outside of Japan and many more.

No, The Sun is not setting on Singapore, It's just rising for the anime scene.

My generation have also witness the growth and decline of the local Anime VCD/DVD scene,  and the disappearance of once great Cosplay Clubs and their events.

Nonetheless I am at the beginning of Anime Festival Asia and ACME, along with the recent rise of the many activities to do with anime, even Anisong singer are coming to Singapore. And very soon, the first true LIVE SOLO Anisong concert is going to happen at the St James Power Station.

Not to say, I have also seen with my own eyes the growth of KKnM, and the starting of Genesis Frontier. I’m just so glad they are based in Singapore.

Also I love our Airport, with the direct flights to Tokyo, now if only there is a budget one way flight… Thou without it, a ticket to Japan is still attainable.

So, I am grateful for all the privileges I got as a Anime Fan in Singapore and I truly wish Singapore a Happy Birthday and may there be many more to come!

It’s JUST so good to be a SINGAPOREAN!

Screen Grab from Setokai no Ichizion thanks to Speed Knight. The rest are photos from the NDP 2010 Rehearsals and Previews.

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