Finally something affordable, after the recent announcement of the Mahjong game and the DOHS DVD/Blu-Ray. Each costing either an arm or a leg… … It’s just painful…

For those who are collecting the nenodoroid and have already ordered Yuki from the same series… you must get this.

She is so just damn cute, don’t you think? With long hair and the wonderful tsun expression… ah~ Of course her accessories includes a more excited face and a short hair, if you like the previous Haruhi…

Product Detail from Good Smile Company:

  • Product Name Nendoroid Haruhi Suzumiya: Disappearance ver. (ねんどろいど すずみやはるひ しょうしつVer.)
  • Series The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Manufacturer Good Smile Company
  • Category Nendoroid
  • Price 3500円 (including tax)
  • Release Date 2010/12
  • Specifications Painted ABS & PVC posable figure, not to scale, Nendoroid stand included, approximately 100mm in height
  • Sculptor Yukiwo Ageta (Max Factory)
  • Cooperation Nendoron

If cute isn’t your thing, but you want to get something more realistic to “play” with… There is the Figma version!

The figma version includes the many expression used in the movie for you to recreate the scenes from the movie. It’s so thoughtful that they even include a face with a shy expression for use with the Yuki Nagato Figma released a few years ago… So that you will be able to recreate the scenes properly.

How thoughtful of them!

The figma of the Movie version Haruhi includes a few face expressions, a Yuki Nagato face, and a Sleeping bag… Now that’s interesting.

Product Details  from Good Smile Company

  • Product Name figma Haruhi Suzumiya: Kouyou Academy uniform ver. (ふぃぐま すずみやはるひ こうようえんがくいんver.)
  • Series The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Manufacturer Max Factory
  • Category figma
  • Price 3000円 (including tax)
  • Release Date 2010/11
  • Specifications Painted ABS&PVC posable figure, not to scale, stand included, approximately 135mm in height
  • Sculptor Max Factory – Masaki Asai
  • Released by Max Factory
  • Distributed by Good Smile Company

Both items as listed will be heading our way in just before the year ends… Maybe just in time for the Christmas shopping eh? Nah, pre-order have already started at certain sites like AmiAmi or Hobbysearch.

If you don’t like online booking, We will inform you when KKnM starts their pre-orders. K?

For now, more pictures!

All product pictures belong to Good Smile Company. Haruhi Suzumiyah series is © 2009 Nagaru Tanigawa・Noizi ito/SOS団

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