I was at my favorite anime related goods shop, KKnM today to pay for my pre0rder for my Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiyah ver. Yuki Nagato Nendoroid. When I am there, I saw Sharon planning for the Comiket 78, which they will be setting off for next Tuesday.

The planning is intense, with the hall for the corporate booths the size of 5 times the one used by AFA09. And a total of more then 100 of them to go thru in 3 days. Yes, I have heard of Comiket before, and how awesome it is but this is the first time I have an actual scale of things.

Not to say, the goodies that each and everyone of the booths will be offering and the queues to get to them… Say for example, the game developer 5pb, they will be putting up on sale, Memories Off dakimakura, a Chaos;Head Noah and a Steins;Gate C78 Pack which includes items like T-shirt, a collectible card or CDs.

Then there are the cards from Precious Memories, a K-On! and a “something I can’t remember” hidamari sketch pack is now in the mix, that includes both the starter, the booster pack and a card box…

Not to say, there will be Nanoha The First movie merchandise, which is at the booth 111.

That is not all there is to Comiket, since there are still the hall to the famous Dojinshi Booths and the Left Wing for the Cosplayers. Which practically will be taking up the area the size of maybe our Singapore EXPO or more!

There are just too many things to be looking forward too… Who knows some of the C78 specials might even end up at our ACME II… So for those unable to go to Japan for the Comiket, there might just a be bit of good stuff for us after all.

BTW, the Queues for ACME II is by first come first serve basis…

Website: Comiket | ACME II | 5pb | Precious Memories | Nanoha The 1st Movie | Alafista for the C78 Catalog Picture | KKnM

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