Nope not really. The game, Hunter’s Blade is by a chinese game developer, Joy China or isit Dawawa…? Either way, it’s a MMORPG and it’s servers are already up in China with real players and frequent competitions. That wouldn’t be a problem, since a new game in China, especially one that looks good is not a problem.

The cause for problem would be that… Don’t you think it looks very like the Monster Hunter by Capcom? Nope? Look closely at the following promotion pictures and the Logo.

Capcom already made known to all that, Hunter Blade have not licensed any of it’s properties and design for the making of this game. And currently, there is no news on what action Capcom is going to be taking.

So If you are interested in the game, you can find it for download at it’s official website. 1 thing thou, it’s in Chinese.

Go ahead if you want to play a free ripoff version of monster hunter there you have it, Hunter Blade or Lie Dao.

Btw, the video is from the 8th China Digital Entertainment Expo or China Joy, in Shanghai China. It’s currently the biggest Game related fair in China.

Well, I might just be kicking up a big fuss here…

Source: via Kotaku

Website: Hunter Blade Official Website | China Joy

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