Updated: With the web links to the rest of the artist and groups.

At A.C.M.E II the artist booths are collectively managed by WatzART! They are back to promote the interaction of artist and the trading of their works. Here is a quote of what they are about:

watzART! is the brain-child of two Japanese animation and manga lovers. We organise mini conventions, with the aim to bring together budding local artists and artist groups to showcase their works and share their passion in comics, manga and animation art and alternative art. We also seek to promote trade and interaction among these aspiring artists and bring awareness of the culture of local comics and animation community to the public.

After years of hiatus, today, together with A.C.M.E, watzART! continues the dream of becoming a great venue for the aspiring artists to display their talents.

And this time, they have organised a whole lot of artist and art groups based in the region to participate in A.C.M.E II filling up all the available booths. They have even kindly released a list of the individual or groups for us to preview, speculate and to look forward too!

A record of 14 different groups are taking part, and they are

Artist and Art groups


Out of the many individual and groups, unfortunately I only know of a few. But from that few, they are very good and worth supporting.

Daiyaku for example, they recently helped us, with a BRS background for the site. And this time around in A.C.M.E II, they will be selling their the stuff from their BRS project. I heard also that there is some Top Secret stuff that will be revealed in the event… Hmm Interesting.

Ice Berry will be attending the A.C.M.E II, what a pleasant surprise! She is very talented and her works are just in front, mounted on my wall just as I am typing this post out. Her booth is definitely a must to go visit, if you are fan of good art. You might even be lucky enough to see her perform her magic, turning a piece of plain paper into a priceless piece of art!

An artwork by Ice Berry on sale during the Cosfest, Wonderful don't you think?

Collateral Damage Studio having just return from their conquest in New Zealand, will definitely wow you in both their skill and their ability to tell a story. Their work is what you would usually call quality, I’m still loving the WORKING car decal like drawing… That reminds me… I haven’t tried sticking it to my car yet… Hmm…

This scroll is the fan art of working by C.D.S on sale during Cosfest.

Btw this time, CDS might be working with a Malaysian Art Group to present you with more stuff of high temptation index…

Updated Inject: Looks like there will be a new Dojin by C.D.S, the project have already been shown off in New Zealand and will be available in Singapore during the A.C.M.E II

Here is a preview.

Title: CDS0020: 東方百雲の夢/ Touhou project: A hundred clouds of dreams

Format: B5, 24pages full color artbook

Featured CDS artists: TC, Xeph, Haimerejzero, WaHa

Featured Guest artists: Ichitakaseto, Tiyoro, Bane, Siua, Kuonn P, Astrobunny

Event Prices: SGD $20/ NZD $20

Sold at: Doujin Overload 2010, New zealand, 24th July 2010 (limited stocks)/ Acme II, Singapore, 28th August 2010 (TBC)

note: there will be no reprints of this item!

Information is taken from the C.D.S Website, and yes, it’s based on the Touhou Project.

Comics Society(Singapore) will be attending an event, finally! The group founded by local veteran Wee Tian Beng(Celestial Zone) will be making a showing at A.C.M.E II, with regards to what they will be doing there… Hmm I don’t know… Since it’s really their first in the attendances of such event since their founding 2 years ago.

Then we have Comix Pandora, the Big Sister/Brother in the local dojin(self-made manga/comics) scene. They will definitely be bringing their ready stock of titles like, My dearest girlfriend, Vespa, Black Heart and etc to the event. It’s unknown for now if there will be any new titles in the mix. But I strongly recommend Black Heart, since it’s really very interesting!

Black Heart: Legend of the Boo, the latest in the series created by Umeda Minako and produced by Comix Pandora

Btw, did you know, that the Event mascot Miru-chan is drawn by Comix Pandora’s Xuan? She is also the creator of Dream Walker.

Update!:Yes! Another talented artist is going to be attending A.C.M.E II, Manda under the grouping Doki Doki. She is good I tell you, her Hetalia projects will wow you.

Source: A.C.M.E II Presser

Website: A.C.M.E II

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