Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s autobiography manga that is as thick as an encyclopedia won 2 Eisners yesterday at the awards presentation in Comic-con USA.

The manga won an award in the Best US release of the year for the publisher and Best Reality-Based work of the year, and I have to agree with the them on this one. Even thou Yoshihiro-san is not able to accept the award himself, he left a message based on his experience of Comic-con in 2006.

Here is the the excerpt from ANN:

Peggy Burns of Drawn & Quarterly accepted the awards on Tatsumi’s behalf and noted that Tatsumi attended Comic-Con International as a special guest in 2006. She added that his biggest observation of that visit was that he had never even signed a book for a woman in Japan. Tatsumi’s works have now sold 60,000 copies in North America. Burn said, “He really is the embodiment of everything that is great with comics. He went to the drawing board every single day and drew what he believed in.”

I finished the book despite the very long process which I must say, I enjoyed… I even managed to astonish some of my workmate and on lookers with the thickness of the book and my concentration when reading it.

Confess I must, that all the credit for my above stated achievements should be credited to Yoshihiro-san for creating such an interesting book that can suck me in for that long 2 hour period in a hot and humid hall…

With that said, I’m really looking forward to the local animation movie directed by Eric Khoo. It will be the first of such movie made in Singapore… But I am very afraid that it might become a “cannot make it” movie… Well that is one fear, at least it’s not made by Jack Neo, yah?

Eisner Award: The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, It’s an award for American Comic creators created in honer of the pioneer artist and writer, Will Eisner.

Other winners for the 2010 awards can be found on the Comic-con website

Source: The Beat, Newsarama, The Warp via ANN | Sindieonly|

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