Warning: This is a very picture intensive post.

This year my cosfest is not really filled with Cosplay, in fact I missed most of the cosplay competitions and stage event due to the 2 block of booths blocking away most of my view.

But all is not lost, as I actually spend more time going around checking out the artist booths and bought some very nice artworks.

Here are some that I have bought, be it a dojin, a sketch book, or a print out.

First up, congrats to Umeda Minako(Her Artist Name) for her release of Black Heart 2 at Comix Pandora. This is one of the series that i really quite liked, due to the comical, lightheartedness of the story and drawing. But this time, there is an improvement in the art style, and it’s really more or less standard thru-out.

The release is named Black Heart: The Legend of The Boo and it’s available in both English and Chinese.

This guy is the main character’s beau and if you compare, his personality is really like Usui-kun.

Next also from the Comics Pandora camp, a production by JiaZai, “How to Counsel A Detainee”. It’s a rather thin book with a rather interesting story, and violent parody of Singapore’s “please stand behind the yellow line” campaign at our Mass Rapid Transport Stations.

It’s worth the look at for it’s entertainment value.

This is a dojin, it’s a Hetalia dojin. The story of Arther and Alfred, the cats in the manga/anime, Hetalia.It’s a production by Manda.

The story is extremely good, paired with excellent art, and good packaging. This dojin is easily my best buy at cosfest.

This fanart is by Collateral Damage Studios(CDS), and it’s almost as good as the official prints… It comes even in 2 sizes. An A3 and a A2 version… The artpiece has already been on sale since SOY, but they do still have some left.

Next also by CDS, is this long scroll of the anime “Working”. It is just too cute for me to resist… I would like to ask, If you have already got it, does the material allow you to stick on the rear wind screen?

Nevermind, I’ll try that out later…

This is a sketch book, and it doesn’t really contain as completed artworks, but it has thou is the drawing from the view of the artist. And it’s by Wahid.

This, my friend is a Durarara!!! print, on a watercolour paper… The texture is very nice and the drawing is good.

It’s done by the Luo Lan at the NUS Anime and Comic Club. Good job!

Then the show stopper,

Stunning art pieces by the very talented, isxelle. She brought along 8 works, and 1 2011 calender for the show. In the process, she is even working on another art piece, which she completed and then presented to her Mom, whom is helping out at the booth. So sweet…

If not for my $15 dollar a booth limit, I would have got one of everything… Lets hope I’ll see her again…

End of my purchases… I’m now not sure if I can last till end of the week… Haiz…

But there really are more items on show at Cosfest than I can buy and they are also good. Too bad if you have missed them by not attending the festivals however, most of the artist will also be around for A.C.M.E II in August, so don’t miss them again!

Website: Comix Pandora | Wahid | Manda | isxelle | NUS Anime | Daiyaku | A.C.M.E II

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