For those that don’t really follows or don’t know, SAIMOE is an almost all year democratic vote to determine which character is the most MOE of the anime world.

And since 2008, there is an International version.

This year’s competition is now in the 2nd last Jewel stage before the double eliminations. And in this Stage, the Ruby Round 4, which is currently on there is a few extremely hard choices and it really hurts me a lot but abstaining is kinda of a waste…

So what is your vote?

The current round will end in about 11 hours time, at 11pm Singapore time.

Double elimination is in October, that is like when the fun begins but you can be part of it now too, by helping your favorites get crown as a Jewel champion.

Ruby Round 3 Space Map. It’s a summurised result for the result of the previous round, the closer you get to the star, the better.

Previous winner of the Ruby crown is Haruhi Suzumiya(2008) and Hinagiku Katsura(2009).

Website: International Saimoe 2010

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