Saimoe 2010: Diamond 1


And it’s a hard battle… I myself spend some time trying to figure out, to whom I am loyal to… Especially when you have matches like these…

How in the world am I going to choose between them? I did in the end… but…

This is the featured match write-up provided by Momento10 for the Misaki Vs Haruhi match-up

Diamond Period is the final stretch before the postseason. At this point, the Top 8 have enough points to advance, but they still battle for the highest seed in the rankings. Misaka Mikoto has made the most of her second appearance in ISML by spending the majority of the season in the top 5. Only a difference in SDO is keeping her outside the top 5 coming into today’s match. She has managed to keep a low profile despite a high ranking throughout the season, but her winning the Ruby Necklace through skill and luck has brought her to everyone’s attention. If Mikoto wants to continue her good fortune in Diamond and finish the season in the top 5, she will have to contend with a challenger who won two consecutive necklaces in 2009. Suzumiya Haruhi has finished the past two seasons in the top 3 and, at worst, lost only four matches in a single season. Despite her success in the regular season, she has come short in the postseason by winning only one match in both 2008 and 2009 before being eliminated. Necklaces have eluded Haruhi this year, as her six losses have all come in Round 1 of every Period so far. The trend puts her at a disadvantage today against Mikoto, but she hopes to break that streak before the end and build some important momentum for the postseason. Can the goddess dispose of her opponent and have a chance at winning a second Diamond necklace, or will the railgun electrocute her opponent and make a statement that she will be in the running for the Tiara as well?

For the rest of the matches, there really isn’t much to contemplate about. So have fun!

You should have 12 more hours to vote.

Here is how I have vote…

I’m very sorry Haruhi, Yuki, Nagi and Kushieda… God help me if I am to be condemned…

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