Mikuni Shimokawa

Mikuni Shimokawa

Update: The Tickets are now available via Gatecrash

Mikuni Shimokawa singer/songwriter will be coming to Singapore, for the first time, with her band for the ASIAN LOVER Tour 2010, so named “Replay”. They will be making their presence felt this August 22nd at the St James Power-station.

For those not in the familiar, Mikuni Shimokawa sang the quite a few songs, including theme songs for Full Metal Panic, Blue Dragon, Fairy Tale and Dragon Drive.


One of her more famous work would be Sora Ga Ai Desho, the opening song for the Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. Unlike the other anisong performances done in Singapore before, she will be bringing her band down to Singapore presenting a true LIVE performances with unpredictable music as with every other live band.

“Replay!” is also the name of her latest cover album, covering songs like Cruel Angel Thesis, Hare Hare Yukai, Only my railgun, and XTC.

Futhermore, many guest like Jam Project, Haruko Momoi and PSYCHIC LOVER plus more.

The album also comes with a DVD featuring a previous ASIAN LOVER tour concert in Shanghai, it’s released on 21st July and CDJapan have only 17th left…

If we are lucky, we might get to hear from this awesome selections of songs.

I’m already looking forward to the concert but as of publishing, the price for each ticket has not been revealed. So, here is one more item to make August really happening!

Will you be attending?

Either way, here are the details for the concert,

Event: Mikuni Shimokawa & Band ASIAN LOVERS Tour 2010 “Replay” in Singapore
Date: 22nd August 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Movida, St James Power Station
Price: TBA
Presented/Promoted by: CLS and SOZO pte ltd

After the concert, there’s even a hand shaking session with Shimokawa, for the fans.

For more information of the event, you might want to “like” the concert’s official facebook page, Mikuni Shimokawa SEA (South East Asia).

Other songs sang by Mikuni Shimokawa,




P.S: The ASIAN LOVER Tour 2010 will be going to places like Korea(14th August) and Hong Kong(22nd August) before touching down in Singapore on the 22nd. So if you are in these other places, rejoices!

Webiste: Mikuni Shimokawa SEA facebook page | SOZO Pte Ltd | CLS | St James Power-Station | Mikuni Shimokawa Website

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