Kinokunia stops selling 5 Japanese Magazine!


Kinokunia USA have decide to stop selling 5 of the top selling Bishojo Anime Magazine, namely Gakken’s Megami Magazine andMegami Magazine Deluxe, Kadokawa Shoten’s Nyantype, and ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Hime and Dengeki Moeoh.

A phone call by the ANN team to the stores in the United States confirms the act. When asked for the reason, some stores just replied that there is “inappropriate material” or “Sexual Content”in the magazines, while a representative in a west coast Kinokuniya answered, according to ANN,

to comply with state regulations and to observe the importer regulations in Japan and the U.S. [for magazines] that could be difficult to carry under the law.” The representative added that these magazines “could carry some pictures that could be understood as child porn.”

It’s also noted on ANN that, the above mentioned magazines are not considered harmful(adult) magazines in Japan. And that, 2 other bookshops in the United States will still be bringing in the magazines.

Source: ANN

Let’s hope this craziness don’t spill over to our part of the world, Asia, when stupid politics gets in the way of our enjoyment and at the same time prevents the flow of information.

And seriously, what is with the world becoming a hypocrite about manga characters, do they turn the politicians on or something? Preventing the sale of safe to read manga, magazines and medias, instead of really stopping the crime in many places, including their own.

Then again, I know of a lady friend, whose Caucasian ex-boyfriend practically treated her like a legal loli… Those sickening lolicon!

Kids, please don’t grow up to be like them!

Btw, if you still think that this is Singapore’s Kinokuniya, please read again. This affects only Kinokuniya USA, for now…

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