This month(July),  JAM Project will be celebrating their Tenth Anniversary. JAM, Japan Ani-song Maker, founded by Ichirou Mizuki aka Aniki, a term of respect, on July 19th, 2000. They soon became a Superband in the genre of Anisong ranking up there, where no other anisong bands have reached.

Take for example 2009’s edition of Anisama. The moment they took the stage, the whole of Saitama Arena, which on that night housed over 30,000 anisong fans, went high! Their mere presence brought the fan’s level of excitement up even before the group started singing! This is an example of how far they have came over the years since founding.

Their members, past and currently includes, Ichirou Mizuki(Aniki!), Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, Yoshiki Fukuyama, Ricardo Cruz, Rica Matsumoto and Eizo Sakamoto.

Over the years, some have take on a lesser role in the team, 1 have graduated, a few joined in for different role and some have became regulars.

But as a band, JAM Project have released 44 Singles, 9 albums and a lot of songs ranging from originals to covers~ So many, In fact that some of the songs they sang are not even released in their singles and albums.

For example Ai Senshi, a cover of the Gundam 0079 theme song, which is only found on Lantis Gundam tribute album. This goes to show, what a great legacy they have created and how they have affected my generation, especially when it comes to Super Robots.

Super Robots Wars(SRW) a great game, will not be complete if not for the their music. Just like listening to SKILL when I enter the menu of my first SRWs game, It’s impact is beyond what I have never felt before. It’s also the first JAM project music that I loved.

Btw, it’s the SRW 2nd Alpha. I played this as the first few game on my PS2 along with FF10 and Onimusha.

To celebrate the decade of creating and  making, JAM Project have released a new original album titled MAXIMIZER – Decade of Evolution , and in relation to it’s release conducted a 10th Anniversary tour around Japan in the period of June and July.

And coming this December, JAM Project will also be release the 10th Anniversary Pack, containing 8 CDs and 4 DVDs.

Quoting from Wikipedia

JAM Project 10th Anniversary Complete BOX

To Be Released on December 22, 2010
The 10th anniversary box set release from JAM Project featuring 7 greatest hits albums; a bonus CD containing English, Portuguese, and Chinese versions of several of their songs in addition to any songs they recorded or performed that were not included on any of their other singles and albums; and 4 DVDs featuring all the music videos they created and footage of their live performance. It also includes a 200-page JAM Project history book.

Such a package will not be cheap and from CDJapan, the BOX will set you back by 28351 Yen. But you will get everything they have made in the last ten years, It is a great box of GAR, I should say.

So Lastly from us at, Congratulation on your Tenth Anniversary, and may there be many more to come!

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