Want to grow your money?!

Do it now with the Figurine Investment Fund(FIF) where the you can just put in a fix amount of money everyone and be repaid with the figurines that you wanted or not. The investment fund will turn those money into more plastic for you, locking in the value of your acquisitions.

But why invest in figurines?

Why? Because collectors are looking for the figurines. For the beauty of it, the cuteness and most importantly the rarity  of the figures. Some just don’t get a re-issue regardless of how popular they are.

These can be view as a chance to make that extra bucks as collectors race to find and to keep the available stock in the market.

And now for the last song!

How does it works?

By putting a sum of money with the credit management firm, we will be pre-ordering the most sought after releases and calculating the possibility of either a re-issue or a limited edition.

Some of the recent examples that can be found in the market today,

Azusa Nendoroid, the first run’s market value rose from 3500 yen(54 SG$) to over SG$90. Before the 2nd release reduce the price back down to SG$59.90. Our assessment is to buy the 2nd run as there might not be a third run.

Who removed my Neko mimi? T_T

But who will be managing the fund?

The Figurine Investment Fund is managed by both  Ani-culture.net Money & Credits and KK&M Credit Investment & Assessment Company. We both have plenty of experience in the figurine market.

To sign up, please fill in the following non-existences form and submit it to the Comment box below. Then you can wait for the approval from us to join the program. Either that you can sign-up at the participating non-existences outlets.

After that may you have fun collecting the figures and playing with them!

Disclaimer: I know it’s not April Fools, but this is just a Joke… It’s not real. Why so Serious?

This is just a joke that was thought off when I was at KKnM today, watching a fellow mate tearing his hair out whether to buy the Azusa Nendoroid, me and Sharon(owner of KKnM) created the Figurine Investment Fund(FIF) to offer him a second option in return for his month allowance… Naturally he didn’t take it up, LOL!

And just a note, you won’t be able to make big bucks trying to do resell to collectors.

Lower your weapons!!

P.S: Do you like my new Nendoroid Azusa? She is just so Kawaii don’t you think?

As for the example above about the Azusa Nendoroid, it really quite true, since at some places which still do have stock of the Nendoroid is indeed retailing it at SG$90.

Of cos, the 2nd run have already been released, but most of it, are either already been reserved or pre-ordered. Thou you can still find 1 or 2 left at KKnM(as of today, 29th July 2010) selling at SG$59.90. They also have 1  or 2 Nendoroid Francesca Lucchini in the shop… going at SG$64.90. So better make you way there ASAP… @_@

Not again?! TT-TT

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