It’s my pleasure to inform everyone that, Space Battleship Yamato, the movie will be due to arrive in Singapore’s movie theaters in the year 2011. The film will be distributed by ENCORE films, thou it’s currently unknown which month it will be arriving in.

It should come to no surprise since, the Japanese opening date for the movie is December 1st, 2010, and it’s being hailed as the biggest Japanese Sci-fi flick of the year.


Space Battleship Yamato is the live-action remake of the Classic anime from 1970s of the same name. The movie will be featuring actors, Kimura Takuya(Susumu), Mesia Kuroki(Yuki Mori), Tsutomu Yamazaki(Captain Okita) and Ueto Aya(Sarsha, Starsha’s Sister).

Kimura Takuya as Susumu(Left) and Mesia Kuroki as Yuki Mori(Right)

Other then being live-action, the biggest change will be that Dr. Sado is a female, and Yuki Mori, taking on a more pro-active role instead of her traditional support role in the anime.

Space Battleship Yamato is also known as Star Blazers in the majority of the western countries.

You can read up more in a previous post.

In another News, Gantz which is coming in 2011 will also be distributed by Encore Films.

Website: Encore Films | Space Battleship Yamato

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