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By now, you should have seen our background. It’s Black Rock Shooter(BRS), a soon to be anime developed from the a music video by Hulk for a Hatsune Miku Song.



The 50 minutes OVA will be released 24th July, on DVDs to be given out for free thru magazines or figurines. So you will definitely see it somewhere.

Now for the Background, it’s done specially for us after I saw the print at Cosfest yesterday, they are so fast!

This artwork is drawn and coloured by Jiemi, using both digital and traditional methods. You can also own a piece of this artwork, for they are going to be on sale this coming A.C.M.E II at Sculpture Square, Singapore on the 28th of August.

Do make a lookout for them!

Website: BRS Wikia | Daiyaku

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