In the recent time since the completion of the Gundam in Odaiba city, there seems to be a trend to built models as big as the anime or movies. In Japan, the 1:1 scale Gundam RX-78-02 is moved from Odaiba to Shizoka city, completed with a new upgrade, carrying a Beam Saber.

I’ll be sure to go visit the monument when I visit Japan next year. But that is not all that Japan can offer.


Updated(25th July): I didn’t know but the 1:1 scale model of the RX-78-2, opens yesterday. Above is a video of the opening ceremony, the model will be taken apart on the 31st of March, so if you are going, go quick.

Source: Danny Choo | Zone Otaku | Ngee Khiong(Video)

In a theme park some where in the area(see the mountain behind, yup that’s mount fuji), Fuji-Q Highland theme park, will be playing host to the first 1:1 EVA-01. It’s really only the upper body but it will be quite big and you will be close to it, practically staring it in the eyes…

It had only recently been open to public(23 July 2010) and the launch is even broadcasted on Ustream. What pity I missed it… Hmm no matter… Not that I will travel up to the theme park just to see it… That would really depend on my schedule, yah?

Source: Zone Otaku

Of cos, not to be beaten the Chinese have made a stunning work of art, the Optimus Prime!

Lets Roll out!

Made for a environment awareness event, the model is made completely out of scrapes and should really be appluaded for it’s rather good looking model.

Ain’t it good looking, don’t be so choosy lar, after all it’s really made from car scraps. The project is not on display next to the Bird Nest Stadium, in Beijing. So, if you are there, go take a look at it and be awwed by the 10 meter tall metal work. Just don’t stand too close, incase the win blows, yah?

Source: Gizmodo

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