That’s it, this holiday period will be the battle for the motion controllers with all three console makers boasting their Motion Control line up along with the new hardware, Games and gimmick. It will not be a win it or loose it cut throat competition style but the being named the winner in the the battle will definitively help in the marketing side of thing.

Wii being the one current king of the throne, have the most to loose from since their device is something like a one trick pony… Supported only by their ever green products like WiiSports, Wii Resort and Wii Something…

To fight back the crowd, they have almost became desperate… Bringing back characters like Donkey Kong, Zelda, and even Kimby, to hold the fort while, I suspect to develop the next Wii. Either that or they will be banking on the 3GS to bring in the bucks, the green bucks…

Microsoft, they are trying to be new revolutionary here, but might fall short just by a bit with their lack of developer support, which they claim to be plenty, in that case I have to ask, loudly, WHERE ARE THE GAMES!

But it shouldn’t be a worry right? Since either one of their “friends” got much in terms of publisher support. Wrong. Unlike Microsoft, the other 2 have plenty of in house developer while, Microsoft have been offloading them like used tissue paper in the recent years… Now they are only left with, er, 2? Rare, Lionhead, and a few more, almost all developing games either for or using the N Kinect.

This is not good for them, even when they have redesigned, their console to kill more disc… Last but not least, they are the last to the game with only an announced November release. No price, no nothing.

Then there is SONY, their Move, is dub the WiiHD by many and no one  can really disagree with the keen judgment, afterall they do have controllers that looks like what their competitor is using… But being dubbed the HD, they might really have done it not only with the graphic but also the precision, which is highly defined.

It even comes with quite a few games, either released or to be released to add to their line up of games. They are so sincere at getting the thing to work that they have almost swapped places with Microsoft at featuring 3rd party publishers. Hey they got that HalfLife guy that hates the PS3 to come on stage to praise them… They are definitely going to be win this holiday.

Of cos, they do have the abilities to do that, with over 20 1st and 2nd party developers plus the people who already are planing to port over a HD version of their Wii game or  have the experience of developing the games for Wii. They know what they wanted and now they know what more they can do with the added specifications.

The dates for the release of the hardware, on September 15, 19 and Oct 21 in USA, Europe and Japan respectively. Price for Moving does not even involve a hand or a leg, so you get to still play with it after you bought it. Ranging from US$59.90(SG$84) for a single controller to just US$399(SG$556) for the whole PS3 with Move, this might be a good year for SONY, if they don’t F’up…

CATS might even come to the Playstation 3… Looking they will be adding a new link to their current advertisement, It Only Does Petting.

Regarding the Nintendo 3DS, it’s a duo Screen with 3D on the top and better graphic power to rival their new mortal enemy, the Ipamily. It will be a difficult battle, but cash will still come in at least from Japan.

In different regards, the Nintendo 3DS is going to be ushering in a new way to play and watch 3D, without the need for the glasses is technically possible but never have it been used in portable. Well not even a 3D device that need the glasses had been made yet. So if Nintendo can keep the price down and got it popular, we might soon see phones and pads with 3D.

Oh the possibilities!

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