Studio Ghibli’s Ni no Kuni on the PS3


It’s no secret that one of the most successful Japanese animation studio is making a game with Level 5, the people who brought us PS3’s White Knight Chronicle and DS’s Professor Layton.

Now the game’s name is Ni no Kuni, or The Other World. The game, subtitled Shikkoku no Madoushi, is first announced for the Nintendo DS 2 years ago and is on the way to becoming a major success story this winter. Recently, they announce another game, titled Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou developed for the Playstation 3.

The PS3 game will not be a port of the DS version, an  both game will be different from each another in terms of gameplay, graphics and focus, thus linking them together will only be storyline, even thou they are not going to be the same.

And from the premier trailer, it looks absolutely stunning! Just like in the upcoming animation.

Note: At the 40th second there is a comparison between animation and the PS3 ingame graphic.

From the looks of it, it will be much like the classic RPG, but the story and art will be from Ghibli which will really make a big difference.

The game will be released in Japan 2011, with other territories unknown. Hopefully it will not take a year, like the White Knight Chronicles…

Source: Kotaku

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