After more then 30 years since the epic journey by then Captain Okita and Kodai saved Earth from the deadly meteor bombs killing earth slowly, by traveling to a world millions of ligthyears away and back within a year in Space Battleship Yamato*. A live-action movie is announced and it’s looking really good!


Dubbed as a mega Sic-Fi movie of Japan, the production is on the way and to be debuted in December. The movie will be including A-list actors and actresses like Kimura Takuya(Susumu), Mesia Kuroki(Yuki Mori) and Ueto Aya.

There are some changes thou, for example, Yuki will be taking on a more active role, instead of just upping the morale when they return, and Dr Sado will be a female…?!!! Dr. Sado will be acted by Reiko Takashima.

Also did you know that… There is another animated movie by the name of Space Battleship Yamato: Rebirth? And it has already been screen in theaters since December last year.


It’s about 17 years after the events in “Final Farewell” and earth’s people once again have to fight to survive. With better graphic and better audio, it has gain quite a good result.

*Space Battleship Yamato is also known as Star Blazer in territories like the United States, UK and Australia.

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