Ok not really an anime based on or named Scandal but it’s really close, the four girls are going to be voice acting themselves, the four for the anime movie Loup=Garous. Scandal will also be writing 3 songs for the movie and even be performing in it.

Loup=Garous is based on the Werewolf Novel Requiem from the Darkness’ by Natsuhiko Kyogoku, and will be scripted by Midori Gotou and Sayaka Harada. Midori Gotou previously did the screen play for titles like Blood+, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, The Movie: Princess of the Birdcage Kingdom. The anime studio is Production I.G and produced by Bandai Visual.


The story is about Japan in the near future, is in trouble with someone going around killing school girls*GAPS*. In it 3 girls, Ayumi Kouno(VA: Hiromi Igarashi) , Hazuki Makino(VA: Kanae Oki) and Mio Tsuzuki(VA: Marina INOUE) investigates and find outs the truth, which is more then meets the eyes… It also involves Virtual Reality.

The one of the insert song for the Movie is now already on sale, in the single Taiyo to Kimi ga Egaku STORY, KOSHI-TANTAN. The the pieces will expected out on SCANDAL’s 2nd Album, Temptation Box available in 2 Limited Editions and a regular version, just announced today. It will include songs,  Taiyo to Kimi ga Egaku STORY, KOSHI-TANTAN, the recently announced Namida no Regret, and more to form a 13 songs album.

Source: CDJapan, ANN, @animefestival09, and Loup=Garous Official Website

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