Have you updated you Playstation 3 yet?

Why? Because the latest update have really added in quite a lot of goodies with an improved app for picture sharing and video editing and sharing. Even more is the new PSN Plus, paid service, it’s not really a service that I would pay for. But it does contain quite a feast for that amount of fee you pay a year.

Below is a demo using Evangelion: You Shall(Not) Advance movie trailer, made by a Japanese user demonstrating what you can do with the video editor and obviously uploaded using the PS3


It’s function includes the ability to impose text, Fast forward, slow down, remove/replace footage, and change the audio of the video which is a 1080p, 24mb file. There is a down point to it thou, the rendered file is only 480p. Now that is quite a fun thing to do, thou I do wonder how fast the rendering speed can be and what files it can support.

So I’ll try it out soon and maybe get back to you! Maybe via an uploaded video.

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