Following the success of Otacool and Otacool 2 which features worldwide rooms and cosplay respectively, Danny Choo and Kotobukiya is coming up with Otacool 3 which will focuses on worldwide workspaces.

The submission period is over but you can view the whole lot of entries over at or a summarized page chosen randomly here.

I have attempted mine, which I will shall post photos later on plus some other photos that did not made it to my submitted page.

Overview of my workspace. Room is shared with my bro though.

Closer look, and yup, a OCZ gaming mousepad instead of a oppai mousepad.

My array of storage devices.

MG Nu Gundam and PG Zeta Gundam with Sheryl. my VF is still WIP.

Wall dedicated to 部長!

Asuka's overshadowing Luka. . .

Wall full of tapestries and poster.

My sub woofer and HAF-922 casing which houses my PC's parts.

My display. 24 inch monitor. Displaying 部長 at full HD glory! ^^

My blu ray playback device. Buffalo's external blur ray writer. BR-X816U2.

My full submission can be found here.

Credits:, Figure.FM

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