I know its kinda long due, but its better late than never! In case you readers have no idea what am I talking about, here’s the answer.

Back in March this year, the Ani-Culture team headed up north to KL for a concert and also we managed to secure an interview session with…

Want to know who?

Read on. . .

She is the singing voice of Macross Frontier’s Galactic Fairy and in real life, she is no doubt the Galactic Fairy among the fans in Japan and worldwide. May’n as she is known has had an eventful 2009. She had sold out concerts in Japan last year, coupled with overseas performances in Korea, Singapore and Guangzhou; plus releases of her first mini album “May’n ☆ Street “ and first full album “Styles”. In addition, this lovely diva has staged her first solo concert in Nippon Budokan in January this year! And, May’n is bringing her concert acts to us and fans in Asia in the form of ‘BIG☆WAAAAAVE Asia Tour 2010’!

Let’s welcome May’n once again! And she is eagerly looking forward to meet the fans in KL!

“Since I haven’t had my live concert (in Malaysia) yet,
I’m currently extremely excited and looking forward to seeing what kind of people is waiting for me!
But! The food here is extremely delicious!”

And right after our interview, May’n did a public appearance in Sunway Pyramid and there, she told the fans “I like Nasi Lemak! Pisang Goreng!” That brought out loud cheers from the local fans.

About her thoughts after holding the first solo in Budokan and the intention to hold more concerts there, she said Budokan is a place in Japan that has a lot of tradition tied to it and would definitely love to perform on the stage once again.

“Budokan has this warm atmosphere that can only be found here!”

On the chance to perform in NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen?

“Yes, I would definitely love to perform on it if I have the chance! As NHK Kohaku Uta-Gassen is yet another programme that has a lot of tradition and history in Japan.”

On the chance to dress up as Sheryl Nome in any of the live acts,

“Sheryl Nome is very GLAMOROUS, but I’m not glamorous. But! Sheryl is a character I really like and I wish to continue to treat her with care (importance) from now on as well.”

No doubt Sheryl is indeed glamorous, but May’n herself is equally glamorous as well!

Given the chance, May’n would definitely love to tour other countries as well and in case you readers don’t know about it, she does have a liking for live performances and meet her fans out there! If you are lucky, she may decide to hold a live in your country in the near future!

”If I had the chance, I’d definitely love to tour other countries as well. The previous time I was at Singapore, which was near to Malaysia, and now I’m slowly expanding from there to Malaysia this time, and I’d love to continue to perform live concerts in more and more countries in the future.”

May’n had worked with Yoko Kanno in the songs for Macross Frontier TV anime series and movie. In a previous interview, May’n said that Yoko Kanno is like a mentor to her, telling her that she can achieve anything. With regards to that, will May’n like to work with Yoko Kanno again?

“Yes! As Kanno-san was the one who brought out the (real?) me in myself that I never knew about, I’d definitely love to work with her again sometime!”

In her first full album “Styles”, May’n had a full length English song “Heart & Soul”. Her thoughts on singing a full length song in english.

“Normally, when Japanese artistes go overseas to perform in live Concerts, everyone’s only singing in Japanese! That’s something I’m happy about, but for me, I’d want to express my feelings to everyone else in English as well. So I wanted to express my gratitude for everyone else that has been supporting me all this while, and “Heart and Soul” was born from these feelings of mine.”

That is really something, a song dedicated to the all fans out there, be it fans from her native country or overseas like us. We are really touched!

In her live performances, May’n always accompanied her wonderful vocals with matching dance steps, here; we get to find out if she is the one planning the choreography or is it collaboration with her fellow dancers. In addition, before the KL concert, there is an online clip of May’n showing everyone how to dance with her for songs like “XYZ”, “Get Ready!” and May’n Space”. Is it her idea as well?

“I decide on the easy dance steps, like the ones in May’n Space. But for the difficult parts, as well as other dancers’ individual parts, everybody thinks together and the dancers help to create the rest.”

Other than dancing, what other sports she do as well?

“For me, I have been swimming since I was born, and love dodgeball!”

Also, in an interview last year, May’n revealed she was collecting Rilakkumas (Japanese bear character) and still loves them today! She also said she had been collecting Hippo (Hippopotamus) goods as well!

Before we sign off here, May’n has something to say on her upcoming release.

“For the nearest release coming up, I will be singing a song for a new anime to be released in summer this year, and will be releasing the CD for that song.”

With that, we have come to an end of this short yet fun interview with May’n.

The May’n BIG☆WAAAAAVE Asia Tour 2010 will conclude in Taipei, 21st March and she will embark on her summer tour 2010『 Phonic◆Nation side-A/B 』in July.

Many thanks to May’n, her management team, Sozo and Red Dawn communications for making this session possible.

And of course, for our Japanese friends, we have an translated version as well.




今年も「BIG☆WAAAAAVE Asia Tour 2010」の形で私たちアジアのファンを盛り上がってくれます!!




そして私たちとのインタビューの直後に、May’nさんはSunway Pyramidでイベントが行われていて、ファンの皆さんに「ナシ・レーマ、ピサンゴレーン大好き!」と発言して、現地のファンから大喝采の反応がありました。






「シェリルノーム is Glamourous, but I’m not Glamorous. でもシェリルはとても大好きなキャラクターなので、これからもシェリルを大切にしていきたいなと思います。」






May’nさんの初フルアルバム「Styles」では、歌詞全体が英語になっている「Heart & Soul」という歌がありました。




それに加えて、クアラルンプールの公演の前には、ネットでMay’nさんがみんなに「XYZ」や「Get Ready!」、
「May’n Space」のダンスステップを教えるビデオクリップがアップロードされましたのですが、これも彼女の考えなのでしょうか?

「Easy Danceは私が考えました。たとえばMay’n Spaceのぐるぐるとかは、







「May’n BIG☆WAAAAAVE Asia Tour 2010」は3月21日、最終点の台北にて終わりを告げます。
そして、May’nさんは7月に夏ツアーの「Phonic◆Nation side-A/B 」に備えます。

この度は、May’nさんと関係のマネージメントチーム、SOZOや、Red Dawnコミュニケーションズの皆さんにお忙しい中、

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