Looks like Koemushi is late this month, giving me a chance to step in a bit and introduce you this very interesting manga. It’s already completed, and even have a American publisher. It’s other name would be Gacha Gacha – The Next Revolution.

The name of the manga is Gacha Gacha – Secret, an offshoot from the Gacha Gacha – Capsule with 53 chapters to call it’s own. Btw it’s not related to the Singapore Promotional “anime” by a certain local company from 2 years ago, but a manga with a rather mature targeted audience… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not p*rn, it’s just echi… But something it might get a bit ugly… in a funny way.

Well the story is about this Guy, Hatsu Shiba, a loser who is never able to get a single lady friend, you know like that guy on the new FHM advertisement.  However he does have a crash on his classmate, Yukiri Sakuraba, babe of the school, is an extremely pure, innocent and cute girl with a sister.

He would have stand no chance at all, if the normal circumstances are to be considered… Until a malfunction kinda turn his life around and he found a female counterpart willing to do anything to bring them together, afterall when met with these situation, you can only depend on your female self!

And if you cannot decipher what I just typed, he gained the ability to turn into a girl. It happened when he was trying out a new VR game, by the name of Gacha Gacha. This newfound power is the plot of most of the scenarios, together with how he using the his power tries to narrow the gap between himself and Yukiri. During which, even Yukiri’s sister,  kinda got into the mix too…

This manga unlike other safer Gender-blending mangas like Ranma or something… Explores a lot of what a guy will really do to himself after turning into a girl. Some of the things can be quite disturbing but extremely entertaining…

Although the Art is not something I would call top notch except for certain important parts, but Hiroyuki Tamakoshi certainly did managed to bring across his message, especially the way he used words, expression and body language. It’s really as if he has experienced it before… And does female really respond differently when the same question is ask by different genders?

Overall the Manga is extremely entertaining and a good read to all above 16… Since If I am from the censorship board… this manga will defininately be getting a NC16+ rating from me for sure… But It’s extremely readable, man you can learn more about the females from this book also. It just explores a wide range of stuff, so you really do have to read to find out!

This manga is available in English from the publisher Del Rey Manga, but you can only dream to see it published in Singapore… Thou I kind of have seen it sold here… …

Pictures taken from Chapter 1 at 1000manga.com

PS: Koemushi, you can still do your Manga of the Month post! =D

On a side-note… I wonder what have become of the miracle girls in Singapore’s Gacha=Gacha…

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